keely whitney • seattle area singer, songwriter and performer • local seattle band for nightclubs, restaurants, bars, casinos, conventions, weddings and more


From sultry and breathy, to house-shaking, belted-out intensity, Keely is a versatile vocalist that delivers passion at every turn—whether on stage or in the recording studio.

Keely is currently working on her debut album, 'Untold Stories', featuring original songs by Keely and friends...!


nightclubs / restaurants / casinos / conventions / corporate events / festivals / fairs / grand openings / weddings / private parties / celebrations


original songs / R&B / rock / jazz / soul / classic hits and covers

hip hop / reggae / love songs & ballads. Whether the song is old or new, from her heart or someone else's, it always comes from Keely's soul.

TV, video & radio

Ben Bridge, Fred Meyer, Oldsmobile, Taco Bell, Hasbro, Microsoft, Disney Channel, La-Z-Boy, SunKist, BizKids, and hundreds of local Seattle-area businesses

welcome to the passion that is keely...

seattle singer, songwriter, musician and performer

raising the bar for chick singers

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“Keely is an awesome talent, bringing joy and emotion into every song.”

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